Are you a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one?

Welcome to the new site! We are glad to have you here. We switched it up to add a blog, better photo gallery & a store for our merchandise!

Our moto : “Support, Encourage and Defend”.

  1. Support – Anyone who is trying to better themselves or their situation.
  2. Encourage – Them every chance you get. (You could be the difference in their lives that day)
  3. Defend – Vigorously defend them. As veterans, we are the protectors.

We have had a great couple of years since we began back in 2016. I rode in the 1st Pedal Against PTSD in Sanger (2016). Unfortunately, health issues kept me from riding the next 2, but I will be back. I have ridden twice for the Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo in Frisco (2016 & 2017), and will be doing it again this September (2018). Last year was my first Tour de Cure for Diabetes (2017). I plan on making more of those too.

I rode 150 miles in the month of June for the Great Cycle Challenge! (Pics coming soon). The ride benefits children’s cancer research.

My wife is now a 2 time cancer survivor. She recently finished a stem cell transplant at M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas. I cannot say enough about how incredibly  wonderful the staff there is! I hope that none of you ever have to go there. However, if you do get sick, and you need a cancer treatment hospital, this is literally the best place in the WORLD.

We need donations! Please help if / when you can. We also need veterans. It doesn’t matter what you ride, it doesn’t matter where, when or what branch you served. We have veterans of all ages, shapes and sizes. My 72 year old Vietnam Veteran father still rides and will be at the Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo this fall.¬†

Keep checking back. I am putting the gallery put back together. I will be bringing the calendar back as well. For now, contact me at: See you out there!